Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I know this is coming a little late but I wanted to thank all the people that made this years San Deigo Con great. Kevin Dart, Chris Turnham, Elizabeth Ito, Kelsey Mann, Donnachada Daly, Jeremy Bernstein, Greg Sesma, Pascal Campion, Michael Fleming, Scott Campbell, David Skelly, Griselda Sastrawinata, Thomas Bernos and Oury Atlan, Mike Moon, Carlos Ramos, Morgan Kelly, Steve Lambe, Dave Stewart, Ragnar,Sean Szeles, Louie del Carmen, Pen Ward, the MukPuddy Crew

Here's a sketch Kelsey Mann did of Josh and me. If you guess which is which I'll give you a special prize!

Here's the latest edition to my ongoing series of Customizing Monster Kit characters. Personally I would love to see this guy made into a really cheap action figure and sold at a run down swap meet. I guess a guy can dream, right?

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kevin said...

dude Gamadon is amazing!! i want that model!

and josh is the one in the front, now gimme my prize!!!

Anonymous said...

nice detail!

did you see me there?
If you did, you must have been hallucinating:)

roxxykristen said...

Yeah! Let's trade another print for a print of my movie monsters!

Gregory Sesma said...

your stuff if looking great as always Justin.

Jared Chapman said...

Sounds like you and Josh had a heck of a time. Glad to hear it! Now I've got that itching burn to attend next year... or it could be athlete's foot... I can't tell really. By the way, I'm really digging this series you've been working on.

Nacho Molina said...

ouyeah! amazing designs my friend.
I only can say... Justin rules!!

Unknown said...

AWESOME illo as always!

Jo Bling said...


Top stuff JP!

Albert Sorrentino Jr. said...

all this stuff is great and so is your bbok!
I just got my hands on it not too long ago! Loving the monster kit stuff, my favorite! CHEERS!

jimmy nock said...

Awesome! I dont know what else to say.

Edward Juan said...

hahaha, reminds me of my childhood. Watching godzilla and other japanese monster movies. Know what that kenji/chinese says?

Unknown said...

Man, I want a customizable monster kit! Also, Josh is the one with the long hair, right?

Hobo Divine said...

These are so F****** cool! AHHHHHhhhh! I can't stand it!

I'm dying to see a commercial of this; a cheesy live-action commercial.
3 kids playing with these characters in a manicured suburban garden. (If you get funding I will volunteer as the token black kid).

Anonymous said...