Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Presenting a shiny new Customizable Monster!


Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the 80's flick Teen Wolf, but if I had my own stab at the concept the scruffy teen would look something like this. He's a hot rodding Werewolf from the wrong side of the tracks who spends his full moon nights hunting cool cats and helpless young vixens though the local high school!!! He also strikes a rather alarming resemblance to cartoonist and father of the Rat Fink, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

Be sure to look out for more brand new characters in the Customizing Monster Kit line. These prints will be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con 09, and of course through my online,
Goblin Fish Press Store.

Until next time,


Trish Tatman said...

I like the blue text, very festive.

Also, does this REALLY glow in the dark, as you so advertise?

Gregory Sesma said...

Hey Justin, whatever hapend to that vinal toy you use to talk about?

Josh Parpan said...

This is definitely my Favorite in the series!! The colors are perfect!

Greg- the toy guy disappeared off the face of the planet.. He showed us a CG mock up and everything and then he just sort of vanished..

Gregory Sesma said...

That's a shame to hear fellows.

david kow said...

awesome character!!! and awesome blog here!!.

Moro Rogers said...

Hehe, cool. He looks so happy to be a werewolf.^^

Nick said...

Can't wait to see the print in the flesh. (tee-hee) Love the colors, as well.

Anonymous said...

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Bob Canada said...

This series is awesome. Great work. I wish they were real.