Friday, September 18, 2009


The cool website Drawn! did a nice post about my Customizing Monster Kit characters today. Check it out.

Thanks for the post John.



James Groman said...

Dinosaurs! B-Movie Monsters! Freaks, Goblins and Skeletons!
It don't get much better than that! Love your stuff, man.

Art Grootfontein said...

Really nice work, Justin !
I love it !

Trish Tatman said...
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Trish Tatman said...

Look at you, all... popular and... stuff! *sheds a tear* We're so proud, J. So proud.

And as a side note, your word verification made me spell "smust" to post this comment. I like this, and might start using it to describe things I want.

l e d o said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! We speak the same language. Love your stuff.

Patricio OLiver said...

HI Justin! your work rocks!!! I would like to invite you to a new project its a tribute to edward Gorey!
cheers from Argentina!

Renee Kurilla said...

These are awesome!

SeƱor Chips said...

I bought these magnets over at the Walt Disney Concert Hall gift shop. I was very excited when I saw them. They are awesome!