Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gwango the Great

I’m going to post the story soon, but before I do, here’s a couple more illustrations from Gwango the Great:

Gwango vs. the Winnebago

Gwango vs. the Santa Fe Super Chief

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Here’s a story called Tin Skin that I wrote over the summertime. The illustrations were done by my brother Josh

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Madness of the Moon.............

I started writing a story last night. Here’s a sketch of one of the characters. He’s crazy, he’s French, and he rides a bicycle without the assistance of shoes!

Thundering through the cactus jungles…

Here’s another drawing for Gwango the Great. I’m taking reference from the paintings of Steven Morath. His work really captures the strangeness of the American West, and no one paints a Twinkie trailer better then Morath.


Gwango the Great, the 8th wonder of the world!

I’m doing a kid’s story called Gwango the Great. It takes place in a corny desert tourist town and features a fifty foot pink prehistoric reptile called Gwango. Here’s some of the notes for the project. That’s Gwango in the sketch, along with a character called the scaly little lizard.

Here’s an illustration for the opening of the book.

Hillbilly Jamboree, Part 2!

He spends his days in a dreary Appalachian creek, spooking the locals and partaking in backwoods hootenannies with his catfish kin. He munches on frozen fish sticks, and owns his own canoe...

Strange, Amazing, Shocking: Humongo!!!

Holly Guacamole, that’s a monster lineup!

The skeleton kids for a story I’m writing. It’s either going to be called Skeleton Heights, or The Bird Street Kids on Haloween Night. I haven’t decided.
The ghost is the ghost that lives up in my rafters. He doesn’t own any shoes or any socks either.

I was in the mountain's of Idylwylde this weekend, and this is what I came up with:

He’s large and grizzled, smells of corn brew and wears fuzzy bear slippers—he’s the Dastardly Trapper, of course, and he wanders the woods, in search of things to hunt and stuff.

Hillbilly Jamboree!

These kin are called Hill Folk. They roam the wild lands of Appalachia, and subsist on a strict diet of turtle and possum meat.

Here’s a couple of backwoods critters:

Native spirits, strange secret cults and the ghost of a long dead cannibal lumberjack — their all in this thrilling adventure called the Northern End.
That’s all I know about the story so far…

Everyday I try to do at least one drawing on the Microsoft Paint program. Here’s today’s drawing: The Spook.

Suburban Joe

Here’s one I did for a story I never wrote. It’s about suburban kids who encounter Harryhausen type monsters in the deserts beyond town.

A happy belated Halloween to one and all!