Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Mighty Big Post for a Mighty Big Month!

San Diego Comic Con – July 26th – 29th

The most important bit of news for the month features the all mighty Con! This will be the first time brother Josh Parpan and I will be selling our work and kid friendly merchandise at the convention, so come and visit us at the Goblin Fish Press table. I have to admit I’m really going to miss being apart of the great migration of SciFi and Comic book nerds traveling the tables, but I guess you can’t have it all. So if you’re going to be in attendance this year come and say hello, I'm looking forward to meeting you all. Here’s one of the Monster prints I’ll be selling. As the great Con approaches I’ll be posting images of all our merchandise!

Terrible T- Shirts

Since Goblin Fish Press launched its very first line of Terrible T-Shirts we’ve become a smash hit in Central America, selling our awful shirts to children throughout El Salvador, Guatemala and especially Honduras. No, just kidding, but here’s three more monster shirts we'll be selling at the San Diego Comic Con.

This month I’ve also been busy at work developing some ideas for potential book projects. This is from a story about a fire breathing elephant named Aku.

Lastly I wanted to thank my talented pal David Sones for awarding me a Thinking Blogger Award. My posting lately has become less frequent and this award fills me with a tremendous amount of guilt. I’ll try harder David, I promise.