Sunday, February 05, 2006


Click here to read the first in a series of stories about the thrilling escapades of Scarecrow Joe!


Josh Parpan said...

plaid socks? What will you and your crazy imagiantion come up with next?
-brother Josh

Stephen said...

Cool warm colors! I love the ol' theatre poster feel to it. And those hands. . . i bet they make a spaghetti noise when they wriggle. I love your blog!

justinpatrickparpan said...

Sounds like spaghetti…I’ll have to put that one in the story, Stephen. Thanks for the comments, even you brother Josh, and both of you get some sleep, it’s four-o’clock in the morning!

Ken Turner said...

Scarecrow JOE...thats awesome!.......thax for the comment on my blog by the way.....the Dastardly Trapper is another one of my favourites......keep up the great work

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Oh man, I love this character already. I'll have to read those stories when I get a chance.
Awesome artwork...really inspiring.