Thursday, May 24, 2007

After years of work and toil – not to mention a whole slew of time consuming freelance jobs – today’s the day Goblin Fish Press releases its first bit of official merchandise! So attention all B-Movie Monster loving nerds and Sci-Fi freaky geeks, if you wish to purchase the first in a series of Terrible T-shirts click the new shiny button on the right hand side of my blog, or simply click HERE!

Now Playing! Insectoids from Mars – designed by Justin Parpan

Be sure to check back soon for more designs. Coming soon – a batch of brand new monsters including the Wolfman, Sea Beast and Ghastly Ghoul, also a few designs by my associate Josh Parpan!


Mad Max Winston said...

Damn, this looks so cool! I can't wait to see, and possibly own the other ones. Thanks for checking out my blog Justin. Awesome stuff, once again!

Bob Flynn said...

Hey Justin! Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Like I said, I've been to your neck of the woods before, and I love your latest work. I'll return the favor and link to you as well. Art on!

This alien rocks!

kevin said...

i wore my insectoids from mars shirt yesterday and it fits like a dream - a sci-fi alien dream! i like it so much i might just wear it again tomorrow!

thanks for the pizza and beer thursday!

jimmynock said...

Love this design, Justin. Very cool.
Do you have one with a matching habit?

Jo Bling said...

Nnnnnnnnice, sir, very nice! J'approve!

Pickledog said...

You probably have one (or more) already but.. Justin I have given you a Thinking Blogger Award because well, you rock sir!

There is a neat-o graphic you can grab from my blog and have for your very own.