Thursday, January 06, 2011


Here's a story sketch for something I've been writing lately.



M said...

Wonderful 2011 Justin Parpan,
Your artmanship is intriguing. Fully enjoy the variety, and the detail. I experience Traditional Classical Art imbued in all your work I've so far browsed. Beautiful, if an acceptable word for subject matter filled with character. Am privileged being able to see your Art Stories. Thank you for sharing via blogspot. Glad discovered your Spot.
May the Bird Like Being reach its far horizon, and be pleased it did, and the Sun's guidance be kind for its journey. Good wishes from M Australia

Josh Parpan said...

Hey it's the fabled mountains of San Jacinto!!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful. i'm not an artist, but i know when see one. a good one.
hugs* from brazil.
[we are a very contact people]